Blockchain : From Ideal to Reality

2018 Korea
Blockchain Expo

23-24 October 2018 / Grand Hilton Convention Center 3F-4F / Seoul

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The full list of the speakers for the 2018 KOREA BLOCKCHAIN EXPO will be available soon.

* Please be advised that the programs and speakers of the Expo are subject to change, and will be continuously updated up to the conference.

  • speaker-foto

    Hye Hoon Lee

    The National Assembly Special Committee on the 4th Industrial Revolution

    Nominee for Chairwoman

  • speaker-foto

    Min Wonki

    Ministry of Science and ICT

    The 2nd Vice Minister

  • speaker-foto

    Jae Soo Yoo


    Vice Mayor

  • speaker-foto

    Francois Piccione

    Malta Blockchain Task-Force, Parliamentary Secretariat

    Malta Government

  • speaker-foto

    David Lee

    Refactor Capital Managing Partner

    Google, Former Principal of New Business Department

    SV Angel, Founder

  • speaker-foto

    Tae Hee Woo

    Korea Blockchain Association

    Head of Industry Development Committee

    (Former) Deputy Minister, Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy

  • speaker-foto

    Jung Hee Lee

    Deloitte Anjin LLC.

    Chief Executive Officer

  • speaker-foto

    Paul Sin


    Leader of FinTech Practice &
    Asia Pacific Blockchain Lab

  • speaker-foto

    Simon Seojoon Kim


    Chief Executive Officer

  • speaker-foto

    Wooyong Shin


    Vice President / Team Leader / Blockchain Business Team

  • speaker-foto

    Ding An Fei

    Ledger Capital


  • speaker-foto

    Yong Min Kwon

    SK Telecom

    Blockchain Biz Development Unit Trust Designer

  • speaker-foto

    Katsunori Kondo

    ASOBIMO inc
    Asobi Coin Co-founder

    Chief Executive Officer

  • speaker-foto

    Sanghwan Nathan Kim

    Deloitte Consulting Korea

    Blockchain Leader / Strategy & Operations Director

  • speaker-foto

    Bernd Lapp

    Ethereum Foundation

    Former Advisory Board Member

  • speaker-foto

    Sinhae Lee

    GBIC / Block72


  • speaker-foto

    James JungHweon Jeon

    Blockchain Economic Forum Asia-pacific


  • speaker-foto

    Jong Hyup Kim

    ICON Foundation

    Council Member

  • speaker-foto

    Ethan Kyuntae Kim


    Chief Technology Officer

  • speaker-foto

    Brian Cheong


    Chief Executive Officer

  • speaker-foto

    Allen Wookyun Kho


    Co-Founder / Business Development

  • speaker-foto

    Sungpil Nam


    Chief Executive Officer

Program Agenda

Below is the tentative program agenda for the 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo. Please check back regularly for updates.

* Please be advised that the programs and speakers of the Expo are subject to change, and will be continuously updated up to the conference.

10:00 ~ 10:10
Day 1 - Opening Remark / Congratulatory Address
Session 1 : The Direction of Innovation for South Korea's Blockchain Industry
10:10 ~ 10:30
South Korea’s Outlook on the Development of Its Blockchain Industry
10:30 ~ 10:50
'Blockchainism' and Legal Issues
10:50 ~ 11:10
Focus of the Global Blockchain Market : The Crisis and Opportunity of South Korea
11:10 ~ 12:10
Panel Discussion 1 - South Korea's Role in the Blockchain Industry
12:10 ~ 13:30
Session 2 : Blockchain in the Public Sector
13:30 ~ 14:00
Global Smart City : Seoul
14:00 ~ 14:30
Smart Beach, Busan
Session 3 : Fostering Global Blockchain Cities
14:30 ~ 14:45
Current Status of Blockchain Cities
14:45 ~ 15:00
Global Crypto City 1:Malta
15:00 ~ 15:15
Global Crypto City #2
15:15 ~ 15:30
Global Crypto City #3
15:30 ~ 16:10
Panel Discussion 2 - The Benefits of Blockchain to Our Society
16:10 ~ 16:25
Session 4 : Public-Private Cooperation for the Development of Blockchain Technology
16:25 ~ 16:40
The Efforts for Public-Private Cooperation in the Blockchain Industry
16:40 ~ 16:50
Public-Private Cooperation Project 1: ICON
16:50 ~ 17:00
Public-Private Cooperation Project 2: Medibloc
17:00 ~ 17:10
Public-Private Cooperation Project 3: BLOCKO
17:10 ~ 18:00
Panel Discussion 3 - Cultivating Global Talents in the Blockchain Industry for Innovative Growth, an Aspect of Job Creation
10:00 ~ 10:10
Day2 - Opening Remark / Welcome Remark KEDICO Establishment Ceremony
Session 5 : Finding and Fostering Blockchain Projects
10:10 ~ 10:25
Refactor Capital
10:25 ~ 10:40
Ledger Capital
10:40 ~ 10:55
Fund #3
10:55 ~ 11:10
Trends in Key Three Blockchain Markets - US, China, and Korea
11:10 ~ 12:00
Panel discussion 4 - Contribute to the Development of Blockchain Industry
12:00 ~ 13:10
Session 6 : Public Blockchain Meets the Real World
13:10 ~ 13:25
The Efforts of Blockchain Projects for commerciality
13:25 ~ 13:40
Public Blockchain #1
13:40 ~ 13:55
Public Blockchain #2
13:55 ~ 14:10
Ethereum Enterprises
14:10 ~ 15:00
Panel Discussion 5 - Public Blockchain Meets the Real World : he Real Life Applications of Blockchain Technology
15:00 ~ 15:10
Session 7 : Blockchain Commercialization of Large Enterprises
15:10 ~ 15:25
Blockchain Meets Large Enterprises
15:25 ~ 15:40
Application of Blockchain Technology for Multinational Corporations & Large Enterprises
15:40 ~ 15:55
Vision of Samsung SDS
15:55 ~ 16:10
Vision of LG CNS
16:10 ~ 16:25
Vision of SK Telecom
16:25 ~ 17:05
Panel Discussion 6 - How to Create Added Value Using Blockchain Technology?
Session 8 : Blockchain Economy onto the Real Economy
17:05 ~ 17:15
Project #1 : Asobimo
17:15 ~ 17:25
Project #2
17:25 ~ 17:35
Project #3
17:35 ~ 17:45
Project #4 : Airbloc
17:45 ~ 18:20
Panel Discussion 7 - Can Tokens Be Used in Real Life?
18:20 ~ 22:00
After Party for Networking

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Blockchain and Crypto forum in Seoul, Korea

The 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo is a two-day conference and exhibition, connecting over 3,000 business leaders, blockchain tech experts, and investors from around the world.

Korea has ascended as one of the most interesting scenes for cryptocurrency during the first half of 2018. It has become a home to budding bitcoin-related start-ups and blockchain tech companies. Based on its contents and lecturers, the 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo will present unprecedented opportunities for people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Some of blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences in Korea made huge hits in terms of the number of attendees and the networking opportunities presented. The 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo promises to be a momentous and insightful event for decision makers throughout all the industries.

The Korea Economic Daily and Deloitte, the main organizers of the Expo, have been committed to the growth of the domestic and global blockchain/cryptocurrency ecosystem through strengths in media and advisory. Their endeavors have already caught the attention of many business leaders and investors, and make us confident that the 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo will play an essential role in shaping the technology’s future.

Please come and join us on October 23rd-24th for the 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo. The blockchain technology will change the world, and we will be leading that change.

Kwang-Cheol Go,
The Chief Executive Officer

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